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Approaches to Business Analysis, Reporting and Decision Making

07 Aug 2016 . Comments #Tags-business analysis #Tags-reporting #Tags-decision making #Cats-business analysis

Approaches to Business Analysis, Reporting and Decision Making


Explanations coming soon!

Analytical Reports and Frameworks


 Customer Based


 Product Based
      Physical Evidence:

 Strategy Based

 Situational Based

 Industry Based
   Porter’s 5 Forces
      Rivalry among existing competitors:
      Buyer Power:
      Supplier Power:
      Threat of substitutes:
      Threat of new entrants:


 User Acquisition
   How Many Users?
   How has the user base grown over time?
   How many users are active?
   Definition of an active user.
   Where are the users from?
   Where did the users go?
   Wheer are the referrals from?
   Are the users referring others?
   Which channels are most effective?

   How many users are using specific features?
   What percentage have completed a particular workflow?
   Is there feedback about the product?
   What is the feedback like?
   Can the feedback be measured?

 Conversion and Retention
   What is the conversion rate?
   What is the Free to Paid conversion rate?
   What is the Visiting to Signup conversion rate?
   What is the churn rate?

   What is the acquisition cost?
   What is the cost of supporting a customer?
   What is the average income from the customers?
   What is the lifetime values of the customers?
   What is the revenue growth rate?


 Feasibility Study:
 Strategic Requirements Specification (SRS):
 Business Requirements Document (BRD):
 Requirements Analysis and Design Flow:
 Product Requirements Document (PRD):


Decision Frameworks


 Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

 Conjoint Analysis

 Pareto 80:20

 8Decision Trees

 Project Expected Outcomes

 Quantitive Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

 The Futures Wheel

 Go/No Go Decisions


 Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model

 Risk Analysis/Risk Management

 Quantitive Pros and Cons

 Force Field Analysis

 What If Analysis

 Impact Analysis

 Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA)

 Scenario Analysis

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