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What ever happened to good manners

21 Feb 2017 . Comments #Tags-manners #Tags-leadership #Cats-people

What Ever Happened to Good Manners

I am just amazed at how people seem to have lost good manners.

Good Manners

Bad Manners seem to be more common and poor etiquette similarly seems to be just as common.

So is it that common sense has fallen by the wayside? Seriously what is going on with people today?

How many times do you wish someone well or for them to have a nice day, and what is there response, nothing at all, not even a thank you, let-alone a “You Have a nice day too”?

What is so hard about reciprocating courtesy or politeness or to show some etiquette or perhaps just a polite gesture?

It isn’t just me, there are a few articles around that suggest others have also recognised that manners are no longer a concern.
See this article written by Sarah Stealey Reed… Emily Post is pissed enough with the bad manners.

I wonder how can kids will learn good manners when those who should be leading by example fail to show good manners?

Have you opened the door for someone recently and had them forget to acknowledge you? Or perhaps the person in front of you walked through the door and didn’t bother to hold the door open for you. Bad manners.

When was the last time you offered to help someone in need, perhaps someone has dropped something, did you pick it up or offer to help them?
Even if you don’t speak their language, offering to help is better than just leaving them to struggle.

How often do children fail to stand up on public transport for elderly or pregnant women, all too often.
It is very disrespectful, and worse is when their parents make no effort to suggest otherwise.
It doesn’t take much effort to extend that kind of courtesy.

How often do you see people driving in the lane beside you that just dart in front of you without a single gesture of thanks, that is just being rude lazy. And yes it is bad manners.

Workplace Manners and Respect

In the workplace so many things could be done to improve how people feel and ultimately how they perform, and yet the simplest of things get completely ignored?
Is it really that hard to be nice to the people who are working for or with you?

Have you had a special work anniversary or reached a milestone?
Perhaps you have taken on some external studies in your own time to benefit your role. It warrants a thank you or some kind of mention and yet many companies take these extra curricular activities or achievements for granted. Don’t let these acts go un-noticed, it is critically important that you recognise people appropriately.
It will empower them to continue to be a high achiever and even better will make them feel good.
Most importantly it is good manners and shows respect. Not to do so is bad manners.

It doesn’t take much to say something nice or compliment someone of the work they have done, you can be absolutely sure it will make them feel good. You will feel better for doing so.
It is being courteous and it is good manners to do so.

If you have had a bad day and end up having a momentary lapse of reason or saying something wrong to someone, then dig deep and apologise. No one will ever respond negatively to an apology if it is said with sincerity and meaning. It is bad manners not to.

Do not ignore emails from colleagues requesting information, always respond within a couple of days, any longer is sdisrespectful and is certainly not conducive to a good working environment.
You are potentially impacting on their ability to do their job properly and it leads to everyone using the blame game to explain and justify why things don’t get done. Even if it is a quick acknowledgement that you will respond to properly at a later time, that is fine but when you do then make sure you follow up, it is just good manners to do so and shows respect for others.

Can you be a leader without being in a position of leadership? Take the time to acknowledge co-workers or staff for their efforts, if you recognise such efforts it will go along way to building a relationship and always lead to better performance.
Even if you are not in a position as a leader, Lead!
Lead by example. Show good manners and show some respect.

As for etiquette in the workplace….

Here are some more thoughts about workplace etiquette..written by Maureen Mackey. 5 Outrageous Workplace Etiquette Mistakes

Have you wondered about online etiquette?

There are many articles about which suggest the do’s and do not’s.
Like this one for example written by the Jomer Gregorio at cjgdigitalmarketing or this article written by Outbound Engine Social Media Etiquette for Business: 25 Do’s & Don’ts.

Final thoughts

I know I am far from perfect, but I know with absolute confidence that I have good manners, I always try to show respect, I am polite and courteous. I am always happy to accept when I am wrong and the first to offer a sincere apology.

I’m also willing to help others to change for the better. Self improvement never stops, it is a continual learning process.

I’m not afraid to stand my ground when I know that I am right, and I’m happy to be surrounded by people better than me that I can learn from.

But being around rude, arrogant, bad mannered and inconsiderate people just bugs me and I do not have time for them.

However this post is a good reminder for me to continue being mindful of such things and acknowledge those times I fail to do so.

The above thoughts are mine and is just me having a rant, but I’m fairly certain that I’m not totally wrong?

If you think I am or want to add to the rant, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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