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3 Reasons to Stop Calling Yourself an Entrepreneur & Start Getting Real

10 Jun 2016 . Comments #Tags-entrepreneur #Tags-success #Cats-success

3 Reasons to Stop Calling Yourself an Entrepreneur & Start Getting Real


The label “Entrepreneur” has had it’s time. But I’m sorry to tell you that time has passed. With the growth of new media technologies popular words tend to change meaning. With the internet, that has certainly happened.

Why should you stop calling yourself an entrepreneur?

  1. Every other Joe & his dog is an entrepreneur

It’s 2013 and everyone’s an entrepreneur. The guy with a book full of ideas, Bill Gates, the guy selling hot dogs, the mom working two jobs., the 17-year-old, with no job, the drug dealer…are entrepreneurs.

The word entrepreneur is pinned on anyone that earns money outside a regular job, or doesn’t make any money at all but has an idea.

The biggest problem with the word “entrepreneur” is that there’s no entry fee. No one has to pay their dues to be called entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is a cheap, self-awarded title which proves nothing. A new person will wake up tomorrow morning and become an entrepreneur. And like that, a new entrepreneur is born.

You might as well call yourself “a person who earns money and has ideas.”

When you start working on a real brand, there’s no more room for dusty labels. CEO, CTO, Angel Investor… bag boy. No one really gets all that impressed by your title. No one runs and buys your product because you have a great title. Instead, you want to save all the room on your bio to tell people what you do for them, and why they should care.

The word entrepreneur could mean anything under the sun. And really doesn’t help you explain what you do for others.

  1. “Entrepreneur” means no earnings

You shouldn’t call yourself an entrepreneur until you’ve replaced your 9 to 5 income with your own business.

People want to listen to experienced authorities that have done great things in their industries. Not more “aspiring [label here]’s”

Saying “I do” is better than saying “I am.” The difference is, people understand the first one.

The real entrepreneurs, don’t call themselves entrepreneurs. It would make no sense to most of them. Saying “I founded Twitter” is more impressive than saying “I’m an entrepreneur.”

What you do or did is more impressive!

Get what I mean?

  1. Being an entrepreneur is now so cool!

Probably the biggest reason to avoid the label is because being an entrepreneur is the next “director” or “actor.” Now, it’s really cool to start a business.

After watching The Social Network I realized how badly Hollywood screwed the real entrepreneur image. The Social Network was a typical Hollywood dramatization that made starting Facebook look as easy as getting a job at McDonalds.

If people actually knew how boring and time consuming building a business actually is sometimes, they wouldn’t even start. Anyone that thinks running a business, even a small one, is fun and easy are kidding themselves.

The movies never show the hours of hard work, the all-nighters, the stressfully dull moments. They only show how easy and exciting it is. The money and the benefits. All events, no process.

Labels are just labels, show the world what you do

Small people are impressed by what. But most people that you need to care won’t. Instead of saying who you are, which only you should be worried about, tell others what you do.

What are three things that you do that your market care about?
What are three things that helps your market?
Those things are what you need to tell people.

There are many web developers, CEOs and Online Marketers. But each one does things differently. Some marketers focus on improving your on-site CTR while others focus on social media. What exactly do you do to benefit your market? How you do it goes into your blog and published content.

There’s a time and place for labels. But they’re few and in between.

What you do communicates the value. Who you are, not as much.

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